Pimboli is a cute little member of the Diddl Mouse gang. Like all the artist’s characters, Pimboli has a fun-loving personality of his own.

I enlarged the images, cleaned around the edges, and added a few special effects.


Diddl Mouse

Added 25 more images (bottom of post) on 2-9-16

When I began creating cards and bookmarks, I searched the internet for free images to use. WOW! Free images! What I discovered, however, that most of them were so small and fuzzy that I could not use them. Then I discovered free picture tubes that were ever so much better. Still, some of them were fuzzy and rough around the edges. So I learned to make my own picture tubes using imperfect images and restoring them back to life.

The following are images that I downloaded and stashed away till I was better able to restore them to my liking. Most of them were small and fuzzy and rough around the edges. I don’t like that. So I enlarged them, erased around the edges and added several special effects. Now they are ready for you and me to use in our projects. Enjoy!

~ Sandi