Cards: Angels


He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways . . .

Psalm 91:11

Snowmen My Way

I hope you enjoy my snowmen and three little bird creations. Use them on cards, bookmarks, tags, invitations, and much more. As with all my posts, they are free for your own personal use. Happy Holidays!




I hope you enjoy the Parrot collection I put together for you. They will look great on bookmarks, greeting cards, tags, in picture frames, and much more. Just use your imagination and have fun.




The following images are free clip art that I downloaded from the internet. Then, using PaintShop Pro X7 Ultimate, I enlarged them, gave them a transparent background, cleaned them up, changed the shape and color, and added lots of texture and other special effects.

Free for your own personal use


Cats a Million

Finally! I just finished the cat collection I promised you. They were as much fun as the previous dog collection. I hope you enjoy the special effects I added to the images.

Free for your own personal use


Dogs Galore


Okay, so I got a little carried away with my dog collection. I couldn’t help it. They were all so darned cute. I downloaded the images a long time ago and decided to clean them up, distort some of them; giving them large heads and small bodies, droopy eyes, and long tongues and ears, cause that’s what I like to do. Abstract art is my thing, but it may not be yours, so I posted a few “normal” images too.

What I enjoy about re-creating clip art images, is that I learn so much in the process. Some of the images that I used were so small and out of focus that I thought of trashing them. But, since I like a challenge, I worked with what I had and surprised myself with the outcome.

Don’t worry all you cat lovers out there. That’s the next post I’m working on. But be patient . . . I’m a tad slow.

~ Sandi


I am not the creator of the following images. I downloaded them from the internet, and using PaintShop Pro X7 Ultimate, I enlarged them, gave them a transparent background, added color and texture, and changed their shape.

~ Sandi