Digital Painting My Way

One of my favorite pass-times as a kid was coloring. One of my favorite pass-times now as great-grandma is digital painting. I still enjoy coloring with my grandkids and teaching them to stay in the lines and shade and highlight. But I find digital painting so much more fun and challenging.

The following images are coloring pages that I downloaded from the internet and painted using PaintShop Pro X7 Ultimate.

I hope you enjoy using the images and appreciate the time and diligence I put into each one.


Valentine: Vintage

Remember when you and your classmates exchanged those silly, paper valentine cards? Remember how delighted you were to receive one from the cutest guy or the prettiest girl in the classroom? If not, then perhaps the following images will clear the cobwebs from your mind. Have fun using them in your projects.


Cards: Angels


He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways . . .

Psalm 91:11

Snowmen My Way

I hope you enjoy my snowmen and three little bird creations. Use them on cards, bookmarks, tags, invitations, and much more. As with all my posts, they are free for your own personal use. Happy Holidays!




I hope you enjoy the Parrot collection I put together for you. They will look great on bookmarks, greeting cards, tags, in picture frames, and much more. Just use your imagination and have fun.




The following images are free clip art that I downloaded from the internet. Then, using PaintShop Pro X7 Ultimate, I enlarged them, gave them a transparent background, cleaned them up, changed the shape and color, and added lots of texture and other special effects.

Free for your own personal use


Cats a Million

Finally! I just finished the cat collection I promised you. They were as much fun as the previous dog collection. I hope you enjoy the special effects I added to the images.

Free for your own personal use